Camera & entertainment

  • "Erector-set" adaptability for custom applications
  • Easy manual control with joysticks using optional Hig-Hub
  • Simple & minimal cabling
  • Battery-friendly
  • Scriptable multi-axis system control with built-in slewing functions
  • Step and direction interface can work with Kuper, Dragonframe & other moco systems

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Inspection, test & measurement

  • Large bearing and versatile mounting surfaces minimize mechanical integration costs
  • Position presets can easily be assigned and triggered for single movers or a group
  • "Scripty" tool makes it easy to set up program loops and event I-O triggers

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Material handling & automation

  • Digital I-O's can control scripted motion sequences and events using optional Hig-Hub
  • Internal 18-bit absolute encoder needs no external home sensors
  • Single RS-485 bus for easy system scalability up to 8 movers
  • Step and direction inputs interface to industry-standard motion controllers

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