The Hig-Mover actuator’s slip rings and 22mm through-bore makes it ideal for applications where the payload needs to revolve more then 360 degrees. The on-board gyro can help stabilize cameras on vehicles or on long boom arms.

The Hig-Mover’s absolute position encoder, internal control electronics, and serial text command interface make it an easy drop-in solution for position-indexing. The actuator can implement simple trapezoidal point-to-point moves from a simple serial text command. For more precise on-the-fly control, it can also be positioned with industry-standard step and direction signals.

The Hig-Mover’s versatile ten-sided mounting scheme offers easy mechanical interfacing. The daisy-chainability means a single easily-hidden cable can power and drive several actuators.

The Hig-Mover actuator loves a challenge! Its configurability and ease of use will make it one of your “go-to” tools for endless uses.


The Hig-Mover actuator’s precise position control and interfacing options make it a handy multi-purpose positioner. Control the actuators with our apps, with serial text control from your own controller, or with step and direction from a stepper motor indexer.


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