The desktop and mobile apps configure and control the Hig-Mover actuators and the optional Hig-Hub bus master.

Complete list of app features:

Group mover control:

  • Assign up to 8 movers to preset “Set preset” group and / or “Go to preset” group.
  • Enable / disable group movers.
  • Jog group movers.
  • Assign up to 5 position presets for each mover.
  • Set speeds and ramps for group movers.

Single mover control:

  • Jog mover forward and reverse, momentarily or continuously, at user-selected speed.
  • Slew to absolute position (trapezoidal profile).
  • Slew relative distance (trapezoidal profile).
  • Set soft limits. Limits can be typed in or set from current position.
  • Ping-pong slew cycle between limits, all actuators or selected actuator.
  • Specify position count and settings in single-turn or virtual multi-turn mode. Multi-turn also facilitates limits > 360 degrees.
  • User home offset.
  • Set speed and ramp for slew functions.
  • Select motor control via serial commands or step/direction.
  • View streaming motor position and coils temperature.
  • Enable / disable motor.
  • Enable mover and hub terminators for RS485 bus.
  • Set position error for fault shutdown.
  • Restore factory default settings.
  • Save settings to non-volatile flash memory.
  • Calibrate motor servo loop to payload ( 1 to 4 sliders, depending on load ).

Hig-Hub node joystick control (each of 8 joystick inputs):

  • 8 analog inputs can be assigned to any mover. Four of the inputs can be assigned as gain pots for other joystick inputs.
  • Inputs can be enabled or disabled.
  • Direction can be inverted.
  • Inputs can be set for uni-directional operation.
  • Inputs can have a log response for more intuitive accelerations.
  • Adjustable speed sensitivity.
  • Null button for soft-centering a joystick.
  • Adjustable deadband around center of joystick.
  • Adjustable smoothing to filter out hand-jitters.
  • Assign the 4 general-purpose inputs and 4 general-purpose outputs to various functions.
  • Invert GPIs and GPOs.
  • Set edge or level control for certain GPI functions.

Scripty sequencing tool (desktop app only)

  • Create mover programs for sequencing, timing, and interacting with GPIs or mover events.
  • Movers may be controlled individually or in groups.
  • No need to memorize a scripting language– program lines are entered using simple pull-down menus.
  • Your program can run from your pc, or be downloaded into a Hig-Hub for standalone operation.

System / admin control:

  • Update Hig-Mover actuator or Hig-Hub node firmware (desktop app only).
  • Configure actuator address.
  • Enable/disable crc error-checking on RS485 serial bus.
  • Enable/disable heartbeat on RS485 serial bus.
  • Manual typing of serial commands to actuators or node.
  • Log of serial bus activity.


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