Video 1:

This video is a brief introduction to the Hig-Mover rotary actuator system. Additional videos provide more detailed info on system components mentioned here, such as the Hig-Hub bus master and our Windows and Android apps.

Video 2:

This video shows initial setup and testing of a new Hig-Mover actuator out of the box. We’ll show how to connect a basic system (with no Hig-Hub bus master), and how to do basic configuration, testing and tuning from our Windows app.

Video 3:

This video demonstrates a possible coffee bean material-handling application for the Hig-Mover system. Using the Hig-Hub bus master and our Scripty programming tool, John Higbie gives a step-by-step tutorial for sequencing actuator motions in response to digital sensor inputs.

Video 4:

This video is a step-by-step tutorial for the mechanical assembly of our pan-til-roll camera head system. The system is based on the Hig-Mover rotary actuators, together with a set of lightweight plastic elbows to connect the three actuators and mount a camera. While the tutorial is for a three-axis head, the components may also be configured as a two-axis, pan-tilt system. The next video will cover control and tuning of the head actuators.

Video 5:

Camera mounts present special constraints for smoothness and stability. This video will be of interest to anyone interested in controlling and tuning a multi-axis Hig-Mover system, especially with nested axes. The video is a step-by-step tutorial for controlling and tuning the Hig-Mover pan-tilt-roll camera head system with the Hig-Hub bus master. It covers connecting and configuring the three-axis joystick, and tuning the three Hig-Mover rotary actuators. It also discusses certain tuning difficulties that can arise in such systems, and how they can be dealt with.


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